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KANNMIX 3 -    Eva Rose


KANNMIX 3 - Eva Rose


Big love goes out to M.ono, without whom this would never have added up to a coherent file but would rather have stayed a Spotify playlist until the end of time.

Credits (Pic): Miami Müller + Kat Lanoe

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KANNMIX 3 - Eva Rose (Piano Ist Der Teufel) - 72 min
1.Frivolous - One Fine Solstice
2.Frank Ocean - Swim Good
3.The Band - Stage Fright
4.J Dilla - U-Love
5.Jaques Renault - Piano’s on the Beach
6.Axel Boman - Fantastic Piano
7.Hauschka - Radar
8.Baths - Overseas
9.Chilly Gonzales - Siren Song
10.Pawas - Piano Rain (feat. Matthias Keul)
11.Jacob Korn & San Soda - Punta del Este
12.LeSale - Before the Night
13.Mille & Hirsch - Change
14.P’tahh - Your Soul On Mine
15.Night Works - I Tried so Hard
16.The Cinematic Orchestra - That Home


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