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VA - Family Horror 2x12"


VA - Family Horror 2x12"

KANN07 comes as a diverse twin-vinyl headhouse compilation feat. labelholders valued friends and beloved artists. “Family Horror” is telling about the similar windchill factor on various places. Dorisburg, Falke, Sevensol&Bender, Efdemin, Even Tuell, Map.ache and Johannes Beck try to explain.

A1 / Dorisburg — Emotion 
A2 / Falke — Taunus 
B1 / Sevensol & Bender — Molly 
C1 / Efdemin — Plenum 
C2 / Even Tuell — Dramaqueen 
D1 / Map.ache — Enola 
D2 / Johannes Beck — Rendezvous

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